“Go deeper, stay longer.”
  David Packard, MBARI Founder

We are reminded of our founder’s philosophy as MBARI’s R/V Western Flyer embarks on its second major expedition in as many years. Like the previous voyage to Hawaii in 2001, this extended expedition to the Gulf of California, Mexico promises to be an exciting time of exploration and discovery.

From midwater to ocean floor, a multidisciplinary group of MBARI scientists, collaborators, and assistants will use the ROV Tiburon and multiple tools to investigate the fauna and processes at work in the deep sea outside of Monterey Bay. Divided into seven legs, researchers will be utilizing every portion of this 6500 kilometer journey to gather data in an unending quest for knowledge. Click on the links below for detailed summaries of each of the following legs.

Leg 1: Transit to the Gulf of California

Leg 2: Guaymas Southern Trough Hydrothermal Field

Leg 3: Gulf of California Midwater Research

Leg 4: Gulf of California Transition Zone

Leg 5: Experiments in the Warm Water Basins of the Gulf of California

Leg 6: Tectonic & Sedimentary Processes, Submarine Canyon Formation

Leg 7: Transit from the Gulf of California

We are fortunate to be able to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to explore the oceans beyond our home. Join us as we strive to go deeper and stay longer in the cerulean blue waters of the Gulf of California.