Gorda Ridge Cruise
August 5 - 21, 2000

Ship & Vehicle : R/V Western Flyer and the ROV Tiburon
(R/V = Research Vessel,   ROV= Remotely Operated Vehicle) 

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R/V Western Flyer is a small water-plane area twin hull (SWATH) oceanographic research vessel measuring 35.6m long and 16.2m wide. It was designed and constructed for MBARI to serve as the support vessel for ROV Tiburon. Her missions include the Monterey Bay as well as extended cruises to Hawaii, Gulf of California and the Pacific Northwest.

ROV Tiburon is an electric vehicle with hydraulic capabilities. The toolsled packages are modular and can be changed for specific missions. The vehicle is equipped with high-resolution video cameras with zoom and pan/tilt, and fiber optic telemetry. Powerful electric thrusters combine precise control, high thrust levels and relatively quiet operational capabilities. Variable buoyancy system allows low disturbance operation at depths as deep as 4000m. Scientific sensors and data logging are integrated into the core vehicle system.