Gorda Ridge Cruise
August 5 - 22, 2000
Gorda Ridge and Escanaba Trough
Cruise History & Purpose


This cruise combines an 11-dive MBARI program to sample lava flows in the Escanaba Trough and northern Gorda Ridge with a 3-dive NURP-funded program to sample hydrothermal vent fluids in the northern Escanaba Trough. In addition, one dive will be used to recover some equipment left by Jim Barry at Eel River on our way into port at Eureka. Auxilliary programs will sample clams and tubeworms at high-temperature hydrothermal vents and bacteria at sediment-hosted hydrothermal sites in Escanaba Trough. Night ops limited to rock coring (with the rock crusher) and gravity coring.


Chief Scientist: Dave Clague

Scheduled Start Time:6 am August 5, 2000

Scheduled End Time: 11:30 pm August 21, 2000

Required Equipment: ROV Tiburon, Drawer, manipulator, 6 pushcores, temperature probe, up to 8 or perhaps 10 water bottles (Ti-bottles and gas-tights), biobox, and new impact glass sampler (if done in time). Suction sampler for biological collections may be wanted on a few dives. Night ops possible.

Planned Track/Site: Gorda Ridge and Escanaba Trough

Participants: Alice Davis, Norm Maher, Vicki Orphan, Eric Olsen (U. Washington), Karen von Damm (U. New Hampshire), Stephanie Ross (US Geological Survey), Jim McClain (UC Davis), Shana Goffredi