Hawaii Cruise
March 13, 2001 to June 2, 2001
Monterey to Hawaii and back

March 24, 2001: Leg 1; Day 12

A beautiful morning as the sun begins to break through the clouds

Log Entry: 0800 WFT; 1000 PST
25°08.63'N, 151°26.20'W
Winds - maybe up to 5 knots
Swell - 1-2 meters
Seawater temp - 22 C
450 nautical miles from Hawaii!
1900 nautical miles from Moss Landing

Winds are down to 20 knots. We were able to launch the CTD yesterday but the seas were still too rough for ROV or SCUBA operations. At the controls of the winch is Andy Stuhan. After the CTD was recovered, Ginger Elrod got the towfish ready to go and then it was lowered slowly into the water. Off in the distance we have been seeing shipping for the first time since we left Moss Landing on March 13th. Today we are planning on a full day of science operations starting with a CTD station in the early morning followed by the ROV and bluewater divers. We should be on station for about 9 hours.

It is a beautiful day for science operations. The sky is slightly overcast but the sun looks like it will break through. We woke to a gentle rolling swell and almost no wind. The albatrosses continue to soar gracefully ahead and behind the boat. We have already completed the 1,000 meter CTD cast and are putting the bongo net into the water. David Chase is at the controls of the winch wire. As they work on the back deck, the ROV pilots prepare the ROV for launch inside the moonpool area. The bluewater divers prepare for their dive as well. I should have much more to report by the end of the day after our science operations have been completed.

Deckhand/Oiler Andy Stuhan at the controls of the CTD winch wire.

David Chase waves hello as he waits for the bongo net to be deployed

Francisco Chavez observes as Brian Ackerman, Buck Reynolds, and Ginger Elrod lower the towfish into the water.

Ginger Elrod gets the towfish ready for deployment.

Kevin Raskoff and Steve Haddock prepare their scuba gear for this morning's dive

Francisco Chavez supervises the CTD launch operation while (l-r) Buck Reynolds, Darrell Palmer, and Brian Ackerman put the CTD rosette over the side.

One of two ships we spotted passing us yesterday (both heading east).

The albatrosses continue to soar around the boat hoping for something to be stirred up by the boat.

Paul Chua and Chief ROV pilot Dale Graves launch the bongo net over the side..


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