Juan de Fuca Ridge Cruise
July 20 - August 1, 2000
Over 650 km (~400 miles) off the Washington-Oregon Coast

July 18: Precruise

WOW! Look at all this gear! The logistics of expedition planning is more complex than you might think. All of this has to come off again at the end of this leg and get transported back to MBARI.

Tuesday, July 18, 2000: Today Debra, Karen, and Josh arrived in Newport. Josh just got back from Victoria to pick up some equipment returning from another cruise which he needed to use on the Juan de Fuca cruise. Paul McGill and Norm Maher also arrived from MBARI (even though they won’t be going on the cruise) in order to help with the setup of the coring sled and the computer systems. You can start to see what a logistical challenge getting everybody here and back was! Most of the day was spent setting up computers and equipment, getting logged on to the at-sea network, and getting settled. Some new computers and monitors had to be installed in the ROV Control room which will be used for the ArcView/GIS navigation used for the dives. This system will allow us to see the position of the ship, the position of the ROV, and the particular geological features of the dive site all in real-time in a single view. The coring sled was tested, and after some adjustments by our skilled ROV technicians, seemed to be in working order. Karen and Debra began mapping the dive sites and going over the details of the dive plans.

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