Juan de Fuca Ridge Cruise
July 20 - August 1, 2000
Over 650 km (~400 miles) off the Washington-Oregon Coast

July 31: Day #12

Crewman Doug gets pensive as we approach the Yakina Bay Bridge upon our return to Newport, Oregon.

Log Entry: We are finally back in Oregon. After a 21-hour steam and waiting patiently for the tide to come in, we finally reached the dock at 8 p.m. Pacific time. We all got a good rest, and put off the unloading until morning. Everybody seems happy to be back on land! The science party will be back here again in just a few weeks for their second cruise of the summer. Check back to this website at the end of August to read about their next adventure at sea on the Mendecino Fracture Zone!

Further Reading
Cruise reflections by intern/science teacher Greg Moretti
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The ship is securely tied down to the dock.

The gangway is lowered as we are finally tied down at the OSU dock.


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