Juan de Fuca Ridge Cruise
July 20 - August 1, 2000
Over 650 km (~400 miles) off the Washington-Oregon Coast

June 16: Coringsled Testing

Tiburon being lifted in preparation for changing the toolsleds.

Log Entry: The sled is assembled! Today we ran some tests on the sled in the driveway outside where it was assembled. We happened to find a large granite boulder laying around which has been used to test other coring devices. Things went O.K. with the first drill bit we used, but when we tested a different bit, we couldn't get the coring tube to back away from the gate properly. It was stuck! This is the very reason we test our equipment here at MBARI before we go out to sea, since a glitch like this would be disastrous for the project if it happened while out at sea. After some minor adjustments, everything seems to be in working order.

The next step is to take the sled out to the Western Flyer and put it on board. It turns out to be a pretty big project to move such a large piece of equipment onto such a large ship! Check out the pictures below. After getting it on board, and hooked up to the Tiburon... well ... we unfortunately ran into some more problems! See tomorrow's entry...

The coring sled being raised before...

...being lowered onto the Western Flyer through the moonpool roof


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