Keck Expedition 2004
July 30, 2004 Day 1

benchtest.jpg (74213 bytes) July 30 update (by Debra Stakes)

The ship sails for the Keck expedition in about 15 minutes.cold_room2.jpg (54895 bytes) After months of building and testing seismometers and data loggers and coldroom testing each piece of equipment we are finally ready to go. 




The shortperiod or corehole systems are in the lab waiting to be deployed. dataloggers_waiting.jpg (56079 bytes)







Keck_RIN.jpg (63246 bytes)


The remote instrument nodes (RINS) for the broadband seismometers are strapped to the deck and awaiting their instruments.





two_arms.jpg (53595 bytes)The crew is up and busy getting ready to cast the lines, but most of the science party is still asleep. They worked through the night to get all the last pieces of equipment stowed. The pilots also needed to get both manipulator arms put on the ROV so that the vehicle could handle all of the installation procedures. serial_lines.jpg (52790 bytes) The ROV must have three separate serial lines to talk to the broadband seismometers and set their clocks. Paul McGill and ROV pilot Dave French worked over such frustrating details. We even fully assembled one of the loggers for testing at the dock with the help of intern Ben Potter.

ben_in_lab.jpg (56464 bytes)We have been warned to expect a rough transit to Endeavour, so everything had to be secured one way or another. Everyone in the science party helped out to clean up and get ready to go. This morning the lab floors are cleared of clutter and all of the computers are tied in place. Our hopes are high for lots of data, but for now some sleep is the job for the day.

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