Seafloor Mapping
R/V Zephyr and AUV D. Allan B.
10 July - 13 August 2011

The mapping surveys conducted by the AUV team from the R/V Zephyr will be divided into five legs. Surveys conducted during the first two legs will collect data in support of Charlie Paull's research plan and will focus on hydrate structures, gas vents, and submarine canyon morphology. The surveys conducted during the third, fourth, and fifth legs will collect data for Dave Clague's submarine volcanism research: Leg 3 will focus on hydrothermal vent fields along the Endeavour Segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge; Leg 4 will augment 2009 surveys of the Cleft Segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge and will include a survey of a large, drained lava lake south of Axial Seamount; Leg 5 will focus on the Escanaba Trough, a segment of the Gorda RIdge where the active volcanic spreading center is buried beneath thick sediments and much of the volcanism is expressed as sills emplaced within the sediments rather than as surface lava flows. The maps below show the planned survey sites. Click on either map to view a larger version.

2011 Northern Expedition Survey Sites

Legs 1 and 2 Legs 3-5

R/V Zephyr

Aaron Gregg


Jim Boedecker
Chief Engineer


Perry Shoemake
First Mate


AUV Team

Dave Caress
Chief Scientist/
Software Engineer


Hans Thomas
AUV Group Leader


Doug Conlin
AUV Specialist


Duane Thompson
AUV Specialist