Paull Fluid Flow Cruise
October 2 - October 8, 2000
Monterey Bay

October 4, 2000: Day #3

Charlie Paull writes: Dive T214 started 10/04/00 at 15:22 GMT and ended 10/05/00 at 00:50 GMT. (An earlier dive, T213, started at 00:30 GMT, but was aborted because of fogging in the main camera.)

A sediment sampling and observation transect started on the canyon floor (2444 meters). Push cores showed a sequence of fine clay (8-10 centimeters) overlaying distinctly coarser silts and sands-a sequence typical of canyon floor deposits. The slope, from the canyon floor up to 2100 meters, is believed to consist of canyon fill deposits. Occasional steep faced beds indicated basal undercutting, but no individual scarp higher than one meter was encountered on this 20 degree slope. Above 2100 meters, apparently horizontal strata subcropped, however most surfaces were very rounded and heavily weathered. Extensive sediment coating, even on steep slopes (20-70 degrees), made sampling difficult. We moved up to the 2000-meter contour and along it to NNE, then turned up the contours, following a subtle ravine and ending up on the ridge crest. Sampling was easier in the ravine between 2000 and 1800 meters. No rocks were seen above 1800 meters. No indications of chemosynthetic communities were observed on this dive.

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