Southern Ocean Iron Experiment (SOFeX) Cruise
January 5 - February 26, 2002

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February 10, 2002: Day 37

R/V Revelle:
Ship @ 2/10/02 0715Z, -53 58.4242, -169 41.4209
No. Patch PIT launched @ 2/10/02 0330Z, -54 12, -169 14.4

Sediment traps go overboard to wait for the RV Melville

R/V Revelle Log Entry: Hi all, time to wind down. We ceased science operations in the North Patch at 1630 and pointed the ship towards Lyttelton. That’s about 1700 km from our present position, about 3.5 days of steaming. The last thing to go overboard was a sediment trap array. MELVILLE will pick it up when then arrive on the 17th.

Ben Twinning - winner of the North Patch chlorophyll betting pool!

Time to declare a winner for our North Patch chlorophyll betting pool. Ben Twinning is the big winner with a guess of 2.3 mg/m3. Everybody else was lower, but the patch. And that is probably at least 5 times higher than any chlorophyll concentration within 1000 km. We just didn’t expect to see much in the North Patch - show’s what we know. Ben was smart enough to stake out the high ground - be careful of this guy, he’s stealthy.

Lookout for those SeaSoar guys if you see them hanging out on a deck somewhere...

...Here’s their gang sign.

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