Southern Ocean Iron Experiment (SOFeX) Cruise
January 5 - February 26, 2002

January 24, 2002: Day 20
R/V Revelle:
Ship: -66 14.8996 S, -171 33.0981 W
South Patch Drifter: -66 24.0 S, 171 30.0 W
North Patch In Drifter: -55.356, 171.375

Sunrise over at 0250.I was too busy with a CTD cast to look, so Sue Brown took the picture.

R/V Revelle Log Entry: Hi again. Its been a busy day. After a few false starts, we started the pre-fertilization station at mid-night and we completed it this afternoon at 1630. Whoa, that made for a long night and day. Everybody is a little tiredright now. Were looking forward to two days of iron deployment with the underday sampling systems shut down. The REVELLE is heading south of the area that we will fertilize to deploy a drifting buoy which will act as a control site for out of patch stations. When that is in the water well head back north and begin adding iron.

The R/V Melville is still mired down in bad weather at the North Patch site. Updates from the Melville started on January 19th and we will be posting them as they arrive. And in case you are wondering where everybody on board is, note that the caffeine consumption on the Melville is pretty steady! The rough weather isn't keeping them from taking measurements, it just makes operations a little tricky.

Weve had everything down here today - glassy seas, clear sky, snow, and now wind, fog and whitecaps.My tail is dragging so here is a pictorial of the pre-station activities:

The sampling crew (Phoebe, Ben and Matt) collecting water from the rosette.

Lowering a light profiler into the sea at the fantail.

Res tech Tammy passes instructions to the bridge.She had the longest day.

Jill Peloquin prepares samples.

Steve and Craig have filled the iron tanks.

Dick Barber is placing samples in the incubators during the few hours of darkness that we have.

Nick Cassar and Sue Brown finish a net tow.


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