Southern Ocean Iron Experiment (SOFeX) Cruise
January 5 - February 26, 2002

January 6, 2002: Day 2
Latitude: 36S, Longitude:172E

leaving Lyttelton.jpg (94356 bytes)
The R/V Revelle leaving the fuel pier at 1800 January 5, 2002 from Lyttelton Harbor. The ship steams east out of Lyttelton, Banks Peninsula on the right.

Ken Johnson writes: Were sailing on the first leg of the Southern Ocean Iron Fertilization Experiment (SOFeX) at 1800 today.Weve finished loading the ship with an incredible amount of gear. They have run out of eye bolts to secure equipment and were improvising now.Nine full containers (seven6 meters long and two 13 meters long) full of equipment have been loaded on board; assembled and secured for sea.This includes a SeaSoar mapping systemwith a 11.8 metric tons van. It was too heavy for the ships crane to lift and the dock wasnt strong enough for the 100 ton crane that came to pick it.Anyway everything is on board now, but science labs on the ROGER REVELLE, largest ship in the UNOLS fleet, are full.

Weve had to wait in line at the fuel dock; were getting 757,000 liters. Whose credit card does THAT go on?It takes almost 10 hours to fill up and, with three big ships in front of us waiting for fuel, weve had to delay our departure.But were going in three hours.Thirty three scientists are on board and theyre looking forward to sailing.Everyone enjoyed Lyttelton, though.Especially the Volcano Caf and the Lava Bar.And theres a big storm to the south (nothing but Antarctica down there!).You should see the weather they have here: wind from the north and it's 30 C, 5 minutes later it switches to the south, temperature drops (long pants and sweatshirts), wind goes to 30 knots and weve had the most intense downpours Ive seen.Lyttelton flooded on the last one with water pouring into the hotel where some of the scientists were staying.

Well thats it for now. Three days of transit to the first iron fertilization site, but well stop to test equipment on the way.

Ken and Kenneth.jpg (128596 bytes)
PIs Ken Johnson and Kenneth Coale before departure from Fuel Dock in Lyttelton.
out to sea.jpg (47508 bytes)
The ship steams east out of Lyttelton, Banks Peninsula on the right.
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