West Coast Expedition
July 20 - August 30, 2002
West Coast of North America

July 21, 2002: Day #2

At the fire and boat drill: tiny Shana Dreyfuss. We're headed into a part of the ocean known for rough weather and cold water, so we couldn't just laugh at one volunteer: we all had to practice getting into our survival suits.

Jenny Paduan writes: Transiting from Moss Landing to the Mendocino Ridge, off Northern California. The ship is riding quite low in the water, primarily because of all the fuel required for the expedition, but we have perfect weather for making great headway: long swells and little wind. We are planning 11 dives on this trip in collaboration with National Undersea Research Program (NURP) funded colleagues. We will start with one dive on the Mendocino Ridge off Northern California. Then we will do three dives in the Escanaba Trough at the southern end of the Gorda Ridge, a dive on the President Jackson Seamounts, which is a chain of volcanoes off the axis of the ridge, then six dives on the northern Gorda Ridge. More information about the MBARI submarine volcanism program can be found at the website /volcanism.

JimNoSolicitors-sm.jpg (94336 bytes)
Jim made sonar-dense site markers so that we or others can return to the same location. This is site marker #2, which also warns, "No solicitors".


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