West Coast Expedition
July 20 - August 30, 2002
West Coast of North America

July 27, 2002: Day #8

Log Entry: We got weathered out from diving today. It is blowing 35-40 knots, sustained (gale force conditions), and is gorgeously sunny outside. The ship is riding the swells pretty comfortably. They are about 10 feet high but are closely spaced because they are being generated locally. On the weather fax, there is only one place in the whole North Pacific showing high winds: a bulls-eye centered over us.

As a consolation, we launched the 300 pound wax-tipped rock-crusher over the stern several times to sample volcanic glass along the axis of the Gorda Ridge. If it continues to blow tomorrow, we'll continue to use the rock-crusher. We all hope it clouds up and settles down, because diving is what we'd rather be doing!

-- Jenny Paduan

Here are two images of a red lobate ctenophore we found 7-26 at about 1700 m. We didn't collect it.

Force 7 conditions whipped up whitecaps and swells. Too "stormy" to dive! So we enjoyed the sun and rock cored instead.


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