Whale Fall Cruise
August 6, 2003 - August 8, 2003
Monterey Bay
Cruise Description


We will spend three days exploring the Monterey Canyon slopes and surrounding areas. The primary objective will be to visit the whale fall site at 2890m depth (31 km offshore) to further characterize changes in the biological community. The secondary objective is to investigate seeps and biological processes between 2500-3100m depth in the Monterey canyon. If necessary, based on findings, we intend to collect sediment and animal samples.

Required Equipment

R/V Western Flyer
Push cores (12 per dive, 16+ onboard)
Two Niskin bottles
French fry basket (or comparable clam scoop)
Suction sampler (gravity)
Suction sampler (with large benthic carousel with various mesh sizes)
One homer
Deep drawer on sled
Bio tubes (6 on front of ROV)
Bio boxes (2-3) to go inside of drawer

Planned Transit

Aug 6th: Whale Fall (all day), 36 36.79/-122 26.01, 2891m depth, homer #57, last visited 10/9/02 (T486). Aug 7th: Whale fall to clam patch (200-300m Southwest) and beyond, 36 36.58/-122 26.08, 2893-3100m depth.
Aug 8th: Exploration of north Monterey canyon wall (Start at whale fall), 36 36.79/-122 26.01, 2500-2893 m depth.


Bob Vrijenhoek
Shana Goffredi
Joe Jones
Robbie Young
Shannon Johnson
Melissa Duhaime
Yvette Alva
Jenn Trask
Jeannette Fink
Greg Rouse