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Vessels and Vehicles - ROV Tiburon

ROV Tiburon core vehicle specifications

ROV Tiburon was an integrated, unmanned submersible, developed at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI). Tiburon was deployed and operated from MBARI's SWATH research vessel, R/V Western Flyer.

  • Depth Capability
    Maximum depth: 4000 meters (13,123 feet)
    Minimum operating depth: 200 meters (656 feet)
  • Forward speed
    1.5 knots (maximum with no tether drag)
    0.500 knot (at 4000 meters)
  • Vertical speed
    Descent: 35 meters/minute
    Ascent: 25 meters/minute
  • Vehicle weight
    Tiburon + toolsled maximum: 3356.6 kg (7500 lbs.)
  • Payload
    Maximum toolsled weight: 499 kg (1100 lbs.)
    Maximum toolsled weight in salt water: 204 kg (450 lbs.)
    Adjustable at 2.27 kg/minute (5 lbs/minute)
  • Power
    Total power available: 15 kW
    Thruster motors: 6 @ 3.7 KW (5 HP)
    Thrust: 978.56 N (220 lbs.) each motor
    High voltage: 240 VDC (±15%)
    Low voltage: 48 VDC (±15%) 24 VDC, 12 VDC
  • Toolsled Interfaces
    Electrical Power:  20 Amps @ 250 volts (5 KW)
    Communicationsv RS485 serial bus, RS232c, Ethernet (802.3)
    Hydraulic Power: 13.25 L/min (3.0 gal/min) @ 17,237 kPa (2850 psi)
  • Hardware and software features summary
    Mission-specific toolsled packages for benthic and midwater dives
    Precision manipulator arm capable of Kraft or Schilling
    Integrated scientific sensors and data logging
    Control room displays
    Adjustable high resolution video cameras and high-definition digital video camera with coordinated lighting
    Stationary video cameras and lights
    Video recorder (Digital Betacam) and high-definition recorder
    Fiber optic telemetry
    Electric thrusters for precise control, high thrust levels, and quiet operation
    Variable buoyancy system for low-disturbance operation at all depths and during sampling operations
    Equipped to deploy tools and collect samples
    Provision for placement, servicing, and retrieval of instrument packages
    Electric and hydraulic power available for equipment not normally part of the ROV

Instrumentation (a partial listing):

  • High resolution color video with zoom, high accuracy pan/tilts, and high-definition camera
  • HMI lighting
  • Acoustic Doppler Speed log
  • Conductivity
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Transmissometer
  • Imaging sonar
  • Altimeter (echo sounder)
  • Manipulator S.C. seven-function with force feedback.
Last updated: Nov. 07, 2016