WATCH/Watsonville Area Teens Conserving Habitat
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  • Liliana Gonzalez, Julie Diaz, Yvonne Victoria Guzman are students in the WATCH Program from Pajaro Valley High School.
  • For our project, we sampled six sites along the Tembladero Slough. The sites start at the top of the watershed outside Salinas, go through the city of Salinas, then follow through agricultural fields to the ocean. At each site we collected water, tested water quality, filtered the water, then brought it back to the laboratory for analysis. At the lab, we tested the water for two nutrients, ammonium and nitrate. The tool that was used to measure the water quality in the field was the YSI 66000. We hope our results will show if the high amount of nutrients in the slough is caused by agricultural or urban runoff. This information will guide us to what our true impact on the watershed really is.


Land/Ocean Biogeochemical Observatory
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Last updated: Feb. 06, 2009