Land/Ocean Biogeochemical Observatory in Elkhorn Slough

Sensors and Moorings

The instrumentation in the LOBO project is a combination of commercially available and 'in house' technology. Combined with a mooring system that allows for long term deployment and rapid data transmission through a wireless LAN, the sensors can return near-real time information for extended deployment periods.

More information on the MBARI chemical sensor program is available here.


Instruments deployed in the LOBO sensor array:


  • in situ ultraviolet spectrophotometer
  • measures the naturally occurring absorbance of UV light by the nitrate molecule

YSI 9600 Nitrate Monitor

  • in situ nitrate sensor
  • uses a colorimetric wet chemical technique to measure nitrate and nitrite in a water sample, analogous to the wet chemical techniques employed by a typical autoanalyzer

Oxygen Optode

  • Oxygen sensor from Aanderaa
  • Principle of measurement based on the effect of dynamic luminescence quenching by molecular oxygen


  • Conductivity (i.e. salinity), temperature, and depth.
  • We employ CTD's from Sea-Bird Electronics (SBE-16plus and SBE-37) and YSI environmental (6600).

Fluorometer & Turbidity Sensor

  • Simultaneously determines both chlorophyll fluorescence and turbidity

WorkHorse ADCP

  • Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler from RD Instruments.
  • Using sound waves, the ADCP can determine the current flow throughout the water column.

Phosphate Sensor

  • Under development

Ammonium Sensor

  • Under development
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