Land/Ocean Biogeochemical Observatory in Elkhorn Slough





LOBO Wireless Network (2006) Ocean Sciences. Honolulu Hawaii Feb 20 Download Poster

Continuous, in-situ Measurements of Nutrient Fluxes Within a Physically Complex Coastal Environment. (2005) Joint Assembly, New Orleans, LA. May 23-27 Download Presentation (~5MB)

The Land/Ocean Biogeochemical Observatory (LOBO): A Sensor Network for Coupled Nutrient Cycles in a Complex Environment. (2005). ASLO Aquatic Science Meeting, Salt Lake City, UT. Feb 21-25.

The Development of an Aquatic Nutrient Sensor Network for Coastal Oceanography.(2004) AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA. Dec 13-17





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Read a news article from the Salinas Californian on the science behind LOBO

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Jane Caffrey, Martha Brown, W.Breck Tyler, and Mark Silberstein (eds) (2002) Changes in a California Estuary. A Profile of Elkhorn Slough. Elkhorn Slough Foundation.

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