Land/Ocean Biogeochemical Observatory in Elkhorn Slough

Institutions and People involved in the LOBO project

MBARI, Chemical Oceanography

Ken Johnson
Project head
Luke Coletti
Mooring data acquisition and telemetry design, sensor design, network and data systems
Steve Fitzwater
Sensor network operations
Hans W. Jannasch
Mooring and sensor design, sensor network operations
Todd Martz
former Postdoctoral Fellow, now Asst. Prof., Scripps Institutions of Oceanography
Joseph Needoba
former Postdoctoral Fellow, now Asst. Prof., OHSU
Josh Plant
Sensor development and network operations
Carole M. Sakamoto
Sensor development

Stanford University, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Steve Monismith
Hydrodynamic modeling
Nicholas Nidzieko
former Graduate student (PhD). Environmental Fluid Mechanics, now Postdoctoral Fellow, WHOI

UC Santa Cruz, Earth and Planetary Science

Adina Paytan
Groundwater inputs and N-cycle processes
Scott Wankel
Stanford Univ., Graduate student (PhD). Stable isotope studies of N cycling. Now at Harvard Univ.

California State Univ. Monterey Bay, Science and Environmental Policy

Marc Los Huertos
Surface water inputs

Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve

Kerstin Wasson
Elkhorn Slough Research Coordinator

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Land/Ocean Biogeochemical Observatory
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