MBARI Vertical Profiler


Time-series data that is collected from instrumented moorings can be incomplete due to the discrete depths of the sensors or the fouling of sensors within the Euphotic zone.  The MBARI Vertical Profiler attempted to combine the high-resolution data of a profiler with the long-term capability of a mooring for monitoring variations at the upwelling fronts during MUSE.  Time-series of acoustic Doppler current profiler (ADCP) data were collected using a downward looking Workhorse RDI ADCP on the MVP. A Seabird SBE19 Conductivity-temperature-depth (CTD) sensor was deployed on the prototype MBARI Vertical Profiler (MVP). The profiler was designed to sit at the bottom of the mooring tether and ascend, sampling a vertical profile every hour. The MVP was located at 36 55.335N, 122 08.464W at a depth of 69 meters.

MVP Mooring Data

Original MVP Mooring Data 
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