R/V Shana Rae


The R/V Shana Rae was used in many aspects of MUSE. Before the experiment started, it was used to deploy the experimental Environmental Sample Processor and the MBARI Vertical Profiler moorings.  It was also used to test the radio frequency link to Santa Cruz.  But its main purpose was to collect Zooplankton samples around a small grid in Northern Monterey Bay. Schindler trap and Niskin Bottle measurements were taken as well as deployment of a profiling bathyphotometer coupled with a temperature sensor.  Nutrient samples were taken from aboard the R/V Shana Rae
during the two week MUSE experiment.  Phosphate, silicate, and  nitrite + nitrate samples were analyzed by Jim Case's Lab at the University of California - Santa Barbara. 

R/V Shana Rae Data
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