Continuous measurements of particulate and dissolved iron were made from an ultra-clean seawater intake towfish aboard the R/V New Horizon during the period of August 19-31. Dissolvable iron concentrations were measured continuously at the sea surface and particulate iron concentrations were determined daily near the drifter.
A ship-towed, undulating vehicle equipped with CTD, bio-optical and chemical
sensors was used for MUSE. The Sea Sciences Inc. Acrobat LTV-50 vehicle was
equipped with a Falmouth Scientific Instruments Micro CTD 3", a SeaTech Light
Scattering Sensor, and a WetLabs WetStar Fluorometer. These data were used to
study 3-dimensional physical, chemical and biological structure in upwelling
ecosystems and temporal variability driven by short term wind events.

Day of the year - 239

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