Benthic Mooring



Coupling between primary production in the surface waters and the biomass and productivity of benthic communities has been described in general for various ocean regions.  Near Monterey Bay, the availability of organic carbon for the benthos may depend upon the location and depth in relation to upwelling plumes, the interannual and seasonal variability, as well as the relative contributions of phytoplankton-derived material and other inputs.  The input and character of organic debris to the seafloor and the resulting benthic productivity beneath these upwelling areas were measured.   Two benthic moorings were deployed in Monterey Bay during MUSE.  The locations of T4 and T6 moorings were 36 54.237N, 121 56.938W and 36 55.528N, 122 08.554W, and at depths of 35 and 70 meters, respectively.  Both moorings had a HydroScat2, Argos-type mooring locator, and benthic respirometer, and T4 also had an S4 current meter.

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