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Natural Iron Enrichment
Occurring to a measurable extent in coastal upwelling zones, certain processes control the transformation of resuspended iron into bioavailable iron.  The "natural iron enrichment experiment" looked at the entrainment in upwelled water of iron-rich sediment from the continental shelf.  This iron is important to phytoplankton growth, but only two previous experiments have tracked it.  The ability to map in real time both metal and nutrient concentrations in an advecting patch of upwelled water suggested the need for Lagrangian drifters to measure both physical and chemical properties of the patch.  Therefore, while continuous measurements of particulate and dissolved iron were made from an ultra-clean seawater intake towfish aboard the R/V New Horizon and dissolvable iron concentrations were measured continuously at the sea surface and particulate iron concentrations were determined daily, the drifter measured the important physical and biological properties of the same water.
A Seabird SBE37 Microcat CTD and a Hobilabs Hydroscat-2 (HS2) were attached to an instrument cage 1 meter below the surface on a drifter buoy. The HS2 measured optical backscatter at 470 and 676 nanometers, as well as fluorescence at 676 nanometers. A Satlantic OCR-100 radiometer measuring upwelled radiance (Lu) at SeaWiFS wavelengths and a Ed-20 radiometer measuring surface incident irradiance (Es) at 490 nm were deployed on the D1 drifter. The OCR-100 was mounted on a cage
1 meter below the drifter float. The location of the D1 drifter was sampled via GPS. This dataset was measured during the MUSE experiment from MBARI's D1 drifter deployed along the coast of California just north of Monterey Bay.

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