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OASIS - Ocean Acquisition System for Interdisciplinary Science
The importance of time series in oceanographic research is clear. Time series measurements of physical and meteorological properties, currently taken throughout the globe, have allowed investigators to resolve the important scales of oceanic and atmospheric variability. With a few exceptions the current time series are primarily physical in nature (i.e., temperature). Biological and chemical oceanographers are now looking to continuous observations of biological and chemical properties so they can also determine the spectrum of variability in these fields and when taken concurrently with the physical and meteorological observations determine the relation to climate and ocean variability. Spatial coverage will ultimately come from observations made from space, but high-frequency temporal and added vertical coverage will need to come from moorings and drifters with arrays of in-situ sensors. The paucity of biological and chemical time series has been due, in part, to the lack of this type of instrumentation, however, increased effort has recently been placed on the development of chemical and bio-optical instrumentation for the collection of these time series. Realizing that advances in ocean sciences are limited by the lack of instrumentation and systems capable of collecting these time series, the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI) has established a vigorous developmental program geared at making these observations possible.
For more information, visit the OASIS Homepage or read the article "Real time experimental moorings : An OASIS in Monterey Bay, California" .

There were three Oasis moorings deployed during MUSE.  M1 was located at 36.755N 122.025W, M2 at 36.692N 122.390W, and M4 at 36.185N 122.439W.  A Data Logging Bathyphotometer was also deployed on M1.

Oasis Mooring Data

Original Oasis Mooring Data  Processed Oasis Mooring Data 
Mooring 1 (M1)
(in directory: Original\Mooring\M1)
Mooring 1 (M1)
(in directory: Processed\Mooring\M1)


Mooring 2 (M2)
(in directory: Original\Mooring\M2)
Mooring 2 (M2)
(in directory: Processed\Mooring\M2)


Mooring 4 (M4)
(in directory: Original\Mooring\M4)
Mooring 4 (M4)
(in directory: Processed\Mooring\M4)


Metadata from Oasis Mooring data
Reside within data directories
Original Oasis Metadata Processed Oasis Metadata
Mooring 1 (M1) Mooring 1 (M1)
Mooring 2 (M2) Mooring 2 (M2)
Mooring 4 (M4) Mooring 4 (M4)

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