OGC PUCK Reference Design Kit

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The OGC PUCK Reference Design Kit (PRDK) offers software and documentation to assist PUCK users and developers in creating software applications that use PUCK-enabled devices or in implementing PUCK protocol in an instrument.

The PRDK includes source code and binaries to implement, write, read, and test RS-232 PUCK enabled devices. It also includes complete documentation needed to assemble a reference implementation of an external RS-232 PUCK device, including test cables and firmware. The PRDK is compliant with PUCK v1.3 and higher, including OGC PUCK v1.4

The PRDK does not yet include IP PUCK, but you can download a description of a prototype IP PUCK implementation

The PRDK is designed to work on Windows+Cygwin and Linux PCs.

Contents include:

  • PUCK Protocol Verification tool
    • Verify device compliance with PUCK protocol
  • Utilities for reading and writing PUCK content
  • PUCK Protocol Firmware Implementations
    • Console PUCK simulator
    • MSP430 firmware (for use with reference design hardware)
  • External PUCK Hardware Reference Design
    • Schematics, BOM and Layout Documentation
  • Source code for firmware and utilities
  • Links to open-source development tools 
Current Release
OGC PUCK Reference Design Kit (gzip archive)
OGC PUCK Reference Design Hardware
Revision B Modification Guide
(gzip archive)
OGC PUCK Information Sheet (PDF format)


Last updated: Nov. 28, 2012