OGC PUCK Implementations

Several manufacturers have embedded OGC PUCK protocol in their commercial instrument's firmware. Manufacturers find that the simple PUCK protocol is straightforward to implement. Note that PUCK is a software command protocol, and requires no mechanical or electrical changes to existing RS-232 or Ethernet connectors whatsoever. Manufacturers that currently implement PUCK protocol include Seabird Electronics, RBR Ltd., WETLabs, and Nortek.

In cases where PUCK cannot be embedded (e.g. in an old instrument), an "external" PUCK device can be attached to the instrument's serial port, enabling PUCK functionality in any RS-232 or Ethernet instrument.  MBARI's prototype external PUCK includes two serial ports, FLASH memory, a switch, and microprocessor to interpret and execute PUCK protocol commands specified by a host. First, the PUCK is physically connected to the instrument's serial port. Now the PUCK-enabled instrument can be plugged into a host computer, using the PUCK's other serial port. Manufacturers who wish to implement a commercial version of the external PUCK can find implementation details in the PUCK Reference Design Kit.

Last updated: Jan. 08, 2016